May 27th, 2006

mosquito coil from kaka

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I think Bunny the Younger has passed on his strep throat to me. Glands swollen, faintly feverish, I go out to buy necessities like duvet covers that keep the dust mites inside. Wander into the bookstore and find Black Powder War. Wander into the super and find cold boiled lobsters on sale at $6 each. (State of fever indicated by me wanting to write 'bold coiled lobster.') Wander home, and propose to spend the evening on the sofa eating cold boiled lobster and reading Napoleonic dragons. Life holds little better. Well, a chilled Chablis along with the lobster would be nice, but not in the allergy season.

(Using my Tenpou mosquito coil icon from the picture KaKa drew for me last year, in honour of the first- but alas not the last- hot day of the season.)