April 29th, 2006

hasui: winter moon

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Oh happy day. A post from cougarfang sends me off to squint at Minekura's wp, which I've avoided for several years because even at my ridiculous resolution and even bolding to read it gives me migraines in about three seconds. And all fuman about the Japanese and their damnable love of frames and their damnably high resolutions (must be a Mac thing) being taken as read, the woman has a Homura short story 'The People of Illusion,' preceded by neat dragons and "Tell me what you desire. I'll give it to you. In return for everything you are."

(More Buddhist phrases. 色即是空, all is illusion, I suppose, unless there's another more common translation than illusion. Oh, and paleaswater, if you're here- a question about Chinese titles.
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