March 19th, 2006

ima ichiko shikigami


My bunnies were brought a Fisher-Price toy from Israel that sings and talks and flashes and whistles as all F-P things do, but in Hebrew. Turn it on and it says Ze ha zman le man gimot- Now it's time to sing and play, I believe, in a sickly-sweet school marm voice. I of course heard that as Ze has manly man gemot, which my language-addled head now renders as Ze has (in its possession) manly man. (Japanese Anglo-Saxon verb motsu- Past tense: mochten- Past participle: gemot) No it doesn't. I mean yes it does (Konoe, Waki) but they're not the main couple or even a couple at all. But- Ze has manly man gemot, and I can't get either the line or them out of my head.
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