March 5th, 2006

hasui: winter moon

Some whiskey in that fantoddy?

Advent Children gives me, yes again, the fantods. It's the colours, mostly, and the shimmery grey skies, *so* like the polluted sky of Tokyo in 105F July. (reminiscent shudder) Remember I saw it first without exposure to what luxetumbra calls the Lego people of FFVII in their brite primary colours, so there's no sense of a corrective happening. It's creepy, and the idea of writing fic about it is creepier still. (I'm not saying it isn't beautiful. But it's creepy. And full of sulky children, which to someone of my profession is not a plus.)

The anime is more to my tastes. But if FFVII in all its avatars looked like the anime, would it be as popular as it is? Collapse )