December 17th, 2005


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An oddity. Since I started reading 12 Kingdoms I find it nearly impossible to read manga. I used to wonder how anyone could prefer novels to manga 'cause you know, pretty pictures and visual clues to help with text etc etc. But now I'm finding manga's lack of, umm, language context is it? a drawback.
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talking mice?

And the other thing is...

I really should go back and read Narnia again to see just how much it's surreptitiously influenced my reading of 12 Kingdoms. This realization brought to you by a sudden flashback to Caspian's tantrum in Dawn Treader that I'd forgotten about, though I could quote you chunks of it verbatim- "Talking beasts, yes. I said nothing about beasts that never stop talking"- and its odd echoes of a tantrum that En'ou throws in Second Taiki.