October 15th, 2005

ima ichiko aoarashi

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Tomorrow I shall babble more coherently at Aesthe, but tonight I shall babble here about Ima Ichiko's Gengetsurou Kitan (Strange Tales of the Phantom Moon Tower.) paleaswater sent it to me saying only that it was BL about the owner of a miso store in early Shouwa. How exciting. But I'm all for Taishou/ early Shouwa, which is a locus classicus of style as much as the Edwardian period or the 60's; and it's Ima Ichiko, who can doubtless make even miso store owners readable, if not exactly fascinating. So I started hacking my way through her trademark oblique dialogue, which wasn't even that oblique to begin with. Funeral of miso store's previous head and all the relatives sighing over the dorky heir who has to be stopped from clapping after he burns incense for his father. 'Oh, all dressed up and lighting incense like this, guess I got confused with New Year's.' We're in for social comedy and mild BL here, so much is obvious.

If anyone's intending to read this ever, read no further. I don't want to spoil what's the biggest pleasure of the series.
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