August 23rd, 2005

dragons got fangs!

If it's worth saying once, it's worth saying twice

To express my utmost agreement with petronia:

"What a writer wants is for people to tell other people, intelligently or at the very least enthusiastically and at length, why those other people should read the writer's stories: to wit, because they are awesome. In other words, what a writer wants is a good review so they can hem and haw in a bashful fashion and spend the rest of the evening privately glowing in a corner."

That's it, that's all of it, and thank god someone with fandom credibility said it.

I even agree with this part:

"So I grew up with the conviction that I know better than everyone else, no one can solve my problems except me, and furthermore my problems are no one else's business. In other words, I don't really think your concrit does me any good"--

--though in fact there are one or two people whose comments I find immensely useful: not because I think them better writers than I (one of them isn't even a writer) but because their insight into whichever series and their ear for tone and voice are better than mine.

(Though to give my two cents on the discussion debate: I wouldn't want to join in on a bunch of people discussing my fic together as readers of same. True I'm also a reader of my fic, but I have special inside knowledge on account of being the one who wrote it, so it's necessarily going to look different to me than to them. Let the readers discuss. If they miss the point by a country mile- as 90% of Eroica fans miss the point of my Eroica fics- then all they do is demonstrate what idiots they are. If they use a faux-dispassionate analytical style while missing the point, they demonstrate it twice.)

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