August 15th, 2005

hasui: winter moon


The editors of Saiyuubito, in their infinite wisdom, have printed the thing in small type, and half of it in white on black. To quote a long-ago friend of mine: "'Ah youth! Youth!' as Conrad said once too often." Glad *they* can read it- and the Readers' Questions, which is in type half as small again. Equally if anyone can find what kind of order the dictionary is compiled in, please tell me. I think it's 'in order of whatever we think is most important.' This makes finding things a touch ahh dodgy, shall we say.

The book says 'text by Minekura Kazuya', and while I doubt she wrote all of it one may assume it had her approval. This makes it pretty much the decisive word on canon. So I went and squinted at the Goujun passages: Collapse )