August 8th, 2005

ima ichiko shikigami

Mental soup, fever dreams

Friday night I wandered into the last half hour of The Whale Rider on TVOntario. Not sure why it left the sort of psychic hangover it did, but I was vaguely fantodded all weekend because of it. Whales. Cuddling whales. Aghhh... This was followed by Crouching Tiger, Houshin Engi the anime, a volume of Houshin Engi the manga in French, a Teletubbies tape, and the last five minutes of Temptress Moon wandered into *last* night on TVO. (Even from five minutes I can tell that this last is a classic slow-as-molasses must-avoid. Even though I normally like slow and arty, the colours and lighting look as though it was all shot during a Shanghai smog alert. Possibly it was.)

The result is complete mental soup, disconnected and unpleasant imagery bobbing about in my brain like the flotsam of a seawreck.
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