August 7th, 2005

ima ichiko shikigami

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Have been watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in tandem with Houshin Engi, and then increasingly as a corrective to Houshin Engi with all its nobly suicidal females. Strangely it's the anime that feels more accurate in its fundamental attitudes: women always come across as either dispensible or evil in what little I've read of historical Chinese works. But Michelle Yeoh.... ahh. Deep sigh. (Is it heresy to say I find Chow Yun Fat plug-ugly or is that something everyone knows and shrugs off?)

Yes it's the first time I've seen it. Watching movies in theatres is an ordeal I simply refuse to go through these days, when my sensitivities have increased to the point that ninety seconds in the vicinity of someone wearing perfume starts the needle jabbing behind the eye. Watching movies period is just... something I avoid. I have several mind-numbing ways of wasting time, but watching live people on screens ranks below even those. I never did it before the Cat came to stay and demanded daily doses of snuggle: and sensitivities being what they are, he's not doing it on my bed. Hence the TV and DVD and VCR.

Hence also my conclusion re the other live action thingy I've been watching: Tinky-winky is really very badly acted.