July 15th, 2005

ima ichiko shikigami

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In a hundred years- or fifty, or twenty- people will snicker at the excesses of the Potter craze as we roll our eyes at the excesses of the Dutch tulip craze. 'Friendships were broken, families were split apart, people committed suicide, all over 'spoilers' that appeared in and about the time of each book's release. It boggles the mind now that people would feel such excessive emotions about the hackneyed two-dimensional characters described in Rowling's flat-footed undistinguished works, but thus it was.'

That being true I'm a little annoyed at the small part of me that wants to go join the madness- buy the book tomorrow morning at an excessive price and devote tomorrow afternoon to reading it so as not to be spoilered by the airheads blissfully blathering about it, without lj cuts, tomorrow night. Hell, I expect the national newspaper to be blathering about it and flinging spoilers left right and centre come dawn Saturday- they have a woman stationed at a bookstore at midnight.

The fact is that unless I buy and read it tomorrow I *will* be spoilered almost immediately unless I confine my reading to individuals on my FL. For sure the rant and/or meta-fandom communities won't be safe after this. But I don't feel like reading Rowling's flat-footed undistinguished book in a heat wave. Dou shiyou? Opt out of the HP and lj madness alike and do a marathon reread of Hundred Ghosts seems to be the only option. If you don't hear from me for a week that'll be why.