July 14th, 2005

ima ichiko shikigami

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The heat began on Sunday, but more than three hot days in a row registers with me as 'always.' It's always been hot. But even though everyone's saying they've never known a year as hot as this, I can't agree. It's 33 and 34 every day and the humidex is unspeakable; but I distinctly recall late-80s summers of day after day of 37 and 38 with unspeakable humidexes, and the bodily reaction of Red Alert! Red Alert! get into AC now. This weather is still on the bearable side during the day. The nights... well, the nights suck. But this is still the first night I may keep the AC on straight through, cause I've been turning it off once the bedroom cools. (Then there was the summer of '94 in Tokyo which set a record for number of 'tropical nights', which is something hideous like nights that don't go below 28C/ 82F. I had my dorai kiipu and never went anywhere in the evening after work for nearly two months because bicycling was simply out of the question.)
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