July 7th, 2005

hasui: winter moon

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I learned it from my flist, like many other people, because I look at that before I look at the Globe. Ahh, I thought in early-morning fuzziness, bombs in London. Again. When was it...? 1975, thirty years ago. In London, riding on a bus, passing the usual street scene of cordoned-off area and shattered glass and bobbies. My friend pointed to a couple of quiet men standing about doing nothing. 'Plainclothes police,' she said with certainty, even though she'd left England when she was five. I'm sure she was right. Bombs in London. Really, what were they thinking of? London's had sixty-five years of bombs and isn't likely to be rattled by a few more. As I then discovered, incandescens' FL was saying much the same thing.

And just a bit amused, in a been-there fashion, about the people worrying over friends who live nowhere near London. When Kobe was flattened my sister called me in Tokyo to see if I was OK. 'But Suze, you *know* Kobe's three *hours* from Tokyo on the *Shinkansen*. Our windows didn't even rattle.' 'Yes I know but.' (She didn't call after the sarin attack in the subway three months later. 'But you're not on the Hibiya line.')