July 1st, 2005

ima ichiko shikigami

Canada Day Pastimes

An entry in camwyn's lj got me into searching and dling the Japanese national anthem. Nothing like having an anthem that goes back to the 10th century, yes. I'm a novice at this stuff and nothing but mp3s will play on my machine -even though I've got the software for other formats- but I now have two very nice ones, one of which (from here) reminds me happily of the NHK sign-off. I get all misty hearing it. I want to hear that nice female voice telling me to check my doors and make sure all fires are put out.

Otherwise have done a careful read of Even a Worm, after barely skimming it for a year and change. I don't know if Hazel is really as slimy as I want to believe him after hearing what his cheering section has to say about him, but he's certainly slimy. Maybe one has to be 20 to see the attraction. (OTOH after this one I'm ready to fall in love with Hakkai all over again. How delighted a little character development makes us. Pathetic we are, bach.)

And that casual comment from someone, that Saiyuki can be seen as a chess game between Kanzeon and Nii, has made me very happy.