June 1st, 2005

hasui: winter moon

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I think I didn't want to know that Kodaka Kazuma is drawing Gankutsu-ou doujinshi, given that I just this day read the last installment of Hana to Ryuu preparatory to a translation. Given also that I *know* she's doing Count x Albert because, well, because she has an oyaji fixation. I don't want to see her doujinshi, I truly don't; I don't; really, I don't. No-one can do new and useful with that theme; worse, no-one can do it better than the anime itself, and I doubt even as well. Only if they did the A/U I really longed to see, the one where Albert doesn't hurl his glove at the Count.

Repeat this often enough and I may believe it. I do believe the last two sentences at any rate. Just as I never saw a decent Utena dj, so I doubt there's such a thing as a decent Gankutsu-ou dj.