May 28th, 2005

hasui: winter moon

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Since I'm mostly indoors this weekend thanks partly to the scattered thundershowers and partly to the temporary Where-is-here? (please don't piss on my sofa) Cat, I got vol 2 of Samurai Champloo to watch with Cat while sitting on the sofa I hope he doesn't piss on. SC has style in spades, I grant you that, but doesn't press any other of my buttons so far. However, episode 6 is the kind of thing that just warms the cockles of my allusive soul. I leave the meta of the thing to those who like doing it; I'll merely say I've never seen a Mito Komon reference worked in so beautifully or with such panache. And the Dutch speakers were speaking Dutch, except the accented-Japanese Isaac who seems to have been done by a Japanese.
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