April 24th, 2005


Twelve Kingdoms

(mostly for mvrdrk)

Yes the vocab stuff is a little bats-driving until you see the kanji, or get to Rakushun's lecture explaining things, whichever comes first. Taika is womb (I see it's unborn child in chinese) 胎 + fruit 果. Kaikyaku is sea guest. Rakushun is a half-beast hanjuu 半獸
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hasui: winter moon

Gankutsu-ou Final Episode: no spoilers

Beats Dumas, not that that's hard. It'll take time and a proper re-viewing of the whole series, preferably with subtitles, for me to decide is it egregious pandering or something one might have seen coming and didn't, Utena-lich; but no matter which, I shall cherish this ep for some time to come. (No, I have no objection to being pandered to, even egregiously. Life is short.)
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