February 26th, 2005


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I'm leisurely viewing Fruits Basket the anime, having read vol 1 of the manga in the three (only) languages I can read, which is something of a record. What's more I've seen eps 1-12 in order, also something of a record if you know how I used to get my anime.

Bref: my sister's trader would tape anything he thought might interest her including reruns, and send her the tapes at random. Thus I saw chunks of Escaflowne in pick-up-sticks order (aka the I Ching method: drop the eps on the floor and start with whichever is uppermost) until Greer sent me it properly; and chunks of Evangelion ditto. My sister has no interest in Eva but Shuzo obviously thought she should, and would send her duplicate eps from different reruns. I formed no desire to see the whole thing, which struck me as ridiculously overrated. Yes, even though I saw the final episodes. Mecha and insecure males and what's so ground-breaking about *that*?
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