February 8th, 2005


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Happy birthday deepfryerfire!

OK- yesterday. Amongst the bumpf mail was a PO card, Final Notice (and first) for a package that required $8.50 of customs. Peculiar, because mvrdrk's package had arrived in the morning, quite properly left between the doors by package delivery (and thanks, L!) So I rode on down to my local PO, three blocks away- to discover on closer inspection that the package was at the Wychwood outlet, waaay up the hill and a subway stop over.
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red dragon from incandescens

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Announcing the anthology, "A Firestorm of Dragons". This will be a collection of short stories featuring dragons. We don't want tired old repetitions of a knight slaying a dragon to save the sacrificial virgin (unless you can do it in a whopping new way). We're looking for exciting new twists and insight into the world of dragons.

Oi have I a story for you... Oh no wait I'm the general public you don't want stories from. By invite only unless you know a Name Author who might have a dragon story we can use. Please tell any Name Authors you know about us but don't tell anyone else. Ah yes, right.

There's something ever so slightly wanky-smelling to this one.