February 5th, 2005


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Sore and achy and no longer able to understand the *Japanese* of Gankutsu-ou, let alone the French. All those people on AMLA who said you can't learn a language after 17 unless you're a linguistic genius from Brazil who can follow conversations at machine gun speed? They were right. I give them best. A gaijin can never learn Japanese so there's no use trying. Ditch your kanji dictionaries, throw away your Japanese for Busy People, abandon your plans to move to Japan. You won't learn it here and you won't learn it there because you can't. Period. Full stop. OK?

So I spent a couple of hours with the Chinese poetry collection kickinpants sent me, the one that has the hanzi printed beside the translation, and a pen and a notebook, writing out the hanzi and looking up the ones I don't know in the hanzi dictionary mvrdrk sent me and trying to figure out what these utterly gnomic utterances might mean before looking at the translation. Because if I'm going to not-learn a language, I might as well aim high and not-learn Chinese instead.
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