January 16th, 2005


Updating-- because I can!

Writing is like travelling, really. Some of it's like biking, nice to do even if you don't go that far. Some of it's like a train ride, fun and satisfying and taking you a good distance as well. That's the kind I prefer. Occasionally it's a car trip, not much fun and a bit tiring but at least you get where you're going. But increasingly for me it's walking, and not just walking but walking when your feet hurt. It's tiresome and slow and accomplished a deliberate step at a time and really all you want to do is sit down and play solitaire rest but if you do that you never get anywhere, so you keep on plodding. Which is where I am now. When I'm doing it sometimes I get a little distracted by things seen on the way, but inevitably it comes back to aren't we there yet? And we never are.
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