December 19th, 2004


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As Flow would have it, I was reading over that thread at mikeneko's about the Horror! the Horror! the Horror! of Canada Post/ Escargot Canada's new regulations when there came a merry timble at the door- on a Sunday- surely the Greeenpeace people have better things to do on a freezing weekend before Christmas than come soliciting, must be kids selling chocolate bars poor bunnies, better limp down and get them in out of the cold for a minute. Did, could see nothing out the window in the upper door, must be very little kids what can their mothers be thinking of, open door... on nothing, and a white van taking off... and two packages on the porch. So mikeneko and incandescens, worry no more, your contraband has made it multas per gentes et multa per aequora, through many peoples and over many waves, to my doorstep. (And so did yours earlier, mvrdrk, but of course you put 'no' on your label so I know you weren't worrying. ^_^)

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To have it here, from Someone Else's lj, via metaquotes-

"I have decided that since I fucking hate it when people call them memes, and it's god damn annoying when people get cutesy and call them lemmings as if we're all nothing but stupid sheep following along bleating (molesworth mjj thinks: if the shoe fits...), I'm inventing my own god damn name. That's right, bitch, suck it up. From now on, they're herpes. Annoying, easily transmitted by contact with 'friends,' passed around among groups of people who are connected to each other to varying degrees of intimacy, and tending to pop up without warning and refuse to go away, and occasionally prone to coming back.