December 16th, 2004



After a week's procrastination I bite the bullet and go face The Fic again. Read through, tweaking wordage here and there, thinking Hey not half-bad actually, and get to where I left off, Shantsu talking to Hisui.

"But I will say this, and forgive me if my bluntness offends you."

I haven't a clue what he was about to say. I mean not an inkling.

This is why one should never leave fics alone for more than a day. I'm someone else when I write, no matter how much I think I'm me. The left brain really doesn't know what the right brain doeth during creation, and if the left brain doesn't get a look at the thing at regular intervals it can all seep back into the wordless right the way dreams do on waking. petronia thinks it works otherwise. Naraba ii naa, she says bitterly.