November 17th, 2004

hasui: winter moon

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The DVD of Mononoke Hime comes with extras, which I've never watched because uhh why would I want to see Japanese trailers or listen to American voice actors talk shop? But at a loose end today I did. And discovered 1) my god the western voice actors' voices and acting are baaaaad and 2) Mononoke's DVD does what Sen to Chihiro's DVD did- washes out all the beautiful beautiful colours. I know both of these facts because the VA chat contains scenes from the film, glowing colours intact and characterization very not. This is tragic. To see the film properly I'd have to watch it in a theatre; and while I can bear StC in English without heartburning, Mononoke is so painful I couldn't even finish that clip. Two hours of such clumsiness isn't to be thought of. But if they can keep colours intact for the bumpf filler, why can't they keep them intact for the film itself? (...wondering if the French dub is as painful and if a review house in Montreal might be showing it ever....)