November 13th, 2004

hasui: winter moon

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See what happens when you complain? The universe gives you broadband back again. Well, for a while. I think it's about to cut out again.

I'm stuck on a character point. Normally I can think myself into most people's heads, but one particular type defeats me. They're the anti-ukes, using Whatserface's definition: the ones without vulnerabilities. No doubts, no hesitations, no insecurities, and almost by definition no empathy or ability to see how the world looks to other people. I call them dweebs for short because that's certainly how they appear in real life, but I'm not sure they're always dweebs. Certainly they aren't dweebs in their own eyes, and to write a character I have to see how the world looks to him, even if he isn't the protagonist of the story.

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