September 25th, 2004


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(Have to test-drive this new screen thingy.)

Henh. So I nearly went out tonight. Bicycling past a midtown church saw they had some Consort playing Dowland's Book of Ayres this evening. Hmm, I thought, interesting, I should go since I never go out these days, hope they have some vocals with it cause Elizabethan lute music alone bores me almost as much as Baroque harpsichord music. Returned home discovered a Higuri You dj I'd promised to translate for someone, did, and in the wake of that as I was making myself a sandwich suddenly thought Dowland. Mr. Boredom himself. Forget that- Campion is *my* man.

So I shall stay in. And either watch Onmyouji or continue deciphering A Hundred Ghosts Travelling By Night. You may guess which.