August 29th, 2004


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(Later edit- Youmi Henjou Yawa. Hate those alternate readings. Especially as hensei seems to be what they mean.)

There's probably a word for this emotion and it's probably quite uncomplimentary but well, so what? I find myself ridiculously pleased at having discovered an English book about dragons in the afterword to vol.2 of Okano Reiko's Youmi Hensei Yawa (umm- Nocturnal Tales of Enchanting Transformations, kanaa? which title, if I'd looked at it more closely, might have alerted me to what could be a spoilerific plot point, or might just be a reference to all the magic beasts (foxes, monkeys, turtles, pigs-- yes, I said pigs) wandering around and appearing as amorous beautiful young things.)
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