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Ha! incandescens! Your hat arrived to match the scarf, and was also prettily perfumed. Any idea what the reason is now? Thank you very: my outerwear hasn't been this co-ordinated in decades.

(The label BTW made me go blinkety-blink because at first glance I thought they were calling themselves Noro splendid products. More rationally I suspect it's 'English manufacture.')

I swear to god the minute anyone here translates a single line of Woxin dialogue I'm memory-ing the entry with notes. Spent too long finding this Gou Jian- Fan Li exchange from rasetsunyo
"I only spoke because the King has promised to spare my life. Might Your Majesty prove less worthy of trust than Fu Chai King of Wu?"
"Fu Chai? Trustworthy?" In tones of utter rage and disbelief I do wonder where that came from. =pp
Having just gone through ep 19 again prior to packing it up, and suddenly realizing what was behind the following mildly WTF exchange:
Fan Li: I said it because you pardoned me.
Won't you keep your word? Fu Chai will keep his.
Gou Jian: Fu Chai is a man of his word.
Period. Not even an exclamation mark. I did wonder what had Gou Jian's vocal panties in a twist there.

And now, yes, it hits me between the eyes how much Fan Li reproduces Gou Jian's characteristic declamatory gestures during the catechism. But as those gestures always strike me as just a touch (or quite a bit, depending on circumstances) deliberate and theatrical when Gou Jian uses them, no reason why they shouldn't be the same for Fan Li. I note he goes back to being Fan Li when he wants to give advice to his King, not make a point to Gou Jian's generals.

(ETA: Oh oh oh! I only just noticed the tiny little flicker of a smile Gou Jian gives Fan Li before leaping astride his horse and riding away to surrender. Oh oh oh the coolness of it! *This* is why I'd buy a humoungous TV screen- well, large TV screen, whatever- except that they cost in the hundreds and I can count on the fingers of one hand the stuff I've really wanted to see on a large screen.)
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