mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ten things...

I haven't done that most people I know have.

(suggested, not seriously, by kickinpants. I think my rules are that you have to have not-done five or more of the same things to trump. Unusual experiences are rare enough that one is enough, but common experiences require majorities.)

1. Gotten a postgrad degree.
2. Been in a long-term relationship. Six weeks is my record, and they were painful weeks.
3. Gone to Florida. Thank god.
4. Worked selling things.
5. Played baseball. (Or soccer or hockey or touch football...)
6. Seen a film with Julia Roberts in it.
7. Bought high heel shoes. (I was going to make that 'worn', but I have. That's why I didn't buy them.)
8. Driven more than two miles.
9. Been to a rock concert in the last 30 years.
10. Gone 24 hours without sleep.
Tags: meme, rl
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