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31_days drabble for Feb 15

feliciter's Feb 13 prompt had the usual effect on me; id est, a few days sitting in a corner rocking back and forth. But enough, say I. Let's have a break from angst. Time to be a Chinese bb fan.

Title: When the chips are down
Day/Theme: Feb. 15 - "Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position"
Series: Woxinchangdan/The Great Revival
Character/Pairing: Fan Li/ Xi Shi
Word count: 100

"Jewels and gold hair ornaments and four different pleasure palaces--" Xi Shi said.

"Yes, well, I can see one might get used to that--" Fan Li allowed.

"And a hundred silken dresses, and silken hangings in my chambers, and silken covers on the bed--"

"But as you know, Yue is not a rich country--"

"And banquets of twenty-five dishes, with musicians and dancing girls and tumblers--"

"Also, kings' advisers don't make that much--"

"Bo Pi--"

"Yes, and look what happened to *him*."

"Then find another job."

It was an ultimatum.

So he did.
Should I cross-post to woxinchangdan, or will that just annoy everyone, getting the same fic twice in their FL?

And now for the pedantic reservations.

Look- about that prompt. Google the phrase and you get hundreds of results attributing it to Christopher Marlowe. As far as I got with them-- six pages of google results- they were largely general compilations of quotes and none were Marlowe-specific webpages; none of the quote-pages gave a citation for the line; and half of them rendered it as 'Money can’t buy love, but it sure gets you a great bargaining position.' Which is not Elizabethan English noway nohow. 'Bargaining position' doesn't sound Elizabethan to me either, so I shall continue to have deep doubts about the authenticity of the attribution
Tags: fic, woxin

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