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New Year Song for Wen Zhong

While my broadband lasts...

I want to do 31_days prompts but snow, work, and getting to work and back eats all my time and energy. This is annoying. I wish the prompts weren't so very date-specific, but maybe I'll go back and do them some time. Meanwhile, here's a little ditty I've had in my head ever since I created that icon up there.

Writing English songs with Chinese names is impossible, simply because tones kill rhymes. Take everything here as an eye-rhyme, because half the time I hear Fan Li as Fan Lai, especially when Fan Li is saying it. And I still can't figure out how many syllables in Jian. I'm making it an elided one but any help from native speakers is Much Appreciated.

A you're adorkable
B you're bù bēi bú kàng
C you're a charmer and that's flat
D you're delightful and
E you're enciteful and
F there's a feather in your hat.

G you are Gou Jian's man
H you're the pride of Han
I you're insightful though not young
J you got Jian set free
From Fu Chai's pillory
L with your lovely silver tongue

You pwned Bo Pi
With a pretty paperweight-
You helped Fan Li
Turn a tiny country into something great!

U-eh owes you a lot;
V means you're very hot;
Is not a patch on you,
The man who's straight and true
And keeps his head atop his neck.
Tags: verse, woxin
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