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Woxin 36-37

I see what you mean about Xi Shi's actress phoning in her part. Oh well. It's like opera. OK, he weighs 300 pounds. I'll pretend he's an underfed young artist. OK, she's a dreary drip. I'll pretend she's a ravishing beauty.

But tell me again why she chose as she did? All I see in Fu Chai is alpha-male-wannabe smugness begging for a comedown. Hey, your tender-hearted king can cut men in two. Some recommendation. (He deserves Zheng Dan. Really. They'd make a good couple.)

That outburst of Bo Pi's in 31, the scene where Wu Zi Xu and Bo Pi have finally had it with each other, and IIRC pretty much say, in so many words, I'd rather *die* than go on working with him. I wondered at the time how calculated the outburst was on Bo Pi's part, or if it was pure honne from both of them. Bo Pi always looks so much like he's got an agenda that I automatically assume he always does. Belatedly I wonder if I'm wrong. And while Shi Mai contradicts himself so often in the early eps you never know where you are with him, later on at least he becomes marginally more straightforward. Bo Pi... I begin to headdesk with Bo Pi.

And if they hate each other and if they never got on and if both Helu and Fu Chai were playing them off against each other, however consciously or otherwise, what's all this about Bo Pi being WZX's protege to start with?

Kewl!Gou Jian may be too good to be true, and/or calculated fan service on the part of the writer, but I can live with it. It makes a nice change from people who do the wrong thing for the right reasons, or the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing because they're nasty slimy slugs.

And still, you know- there's something between Gou Jian and Wen Zhong, some fundamental mutual recognition and esteem. 'You don't deserve to die.' Even when he's planning dastardly policy (to say nothing of bribing officials), Wen Zhong is still somehow the moral touchstone of the series. (I'm a westerner from the Christian tradition. I get vertigo if there are no moral touchstones, so possibly I see them even if they don't exist.) I don't know what it is between the two of them, and the subtitles don't help at all. It's all in the body language. But Gou Jian relates to him in ways I don't see him relating to anyone else. Even Ya Yu and Fan Li are different, though Ya Yu I suppose comes closest.

Though speaking of fan service- god, they had to do it, didn't they, the better to break our hearts later. The scene with Gou Jian and Fan Li after Fan Li returns, holding hands as Gou Jian pulls him into the stable. Gou Jian never takes anyone's hand but Ya Yu's. And talking all night on the bed of sticks where Ya Yu won't join him. That *hurt*, far more than wibbly-mouthed Fan Li bidding farewell to whey-faced Xi Shi. OK, it's Gou Jian/ Fan Li OTP for me now. Fu Chai just... isn't in the running any more. (Are you *sure* Gou Jian never got any for twenty years, rasetsunyo? I'm not, not after that scene. Though my bullet-proof kink has always said Ku Cheng for casual release. Is another reason why I wondered was he a eunuch.)

I dragged my feet through the first 20 eps because I couldn't stand to see the inevitable progress of Gou Jian's downfall. And now I drag my feet through the last five because I can't stand to see the inevitable progress of Gou Jian's victory. Maybe I'm too sensitive. Or maybe this series really does take no prisoners.
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