mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This is *not* going to become a habit

I'm not a member of 31_days so I'm posting my double drabble here.

Title: The lion I am proud to hunt
Day: 1st February: "Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?"
Fandom: Woxinchangdan
Characters/Pairing:: Gou Jian, Fu Chai
Words: 200

So there he is, Helu of Wu's youngest son. Son indeed- bumptious, arrogant: waving his challenge outside Yue's Great Hall, demanding to meet Yue's prince face to face. Ambitious too: trying to show up his older brother, obviously. Not likely, my friend. How small you look from the throne up here. How small your chances are of sitting on a throne of your own. It's almost a pity... Someone who'd barge in here with only five guards and his own confidence to keep him alive is more of a man than any prince of Wu: more, certainly, than Wu's goatish King.

So there he is, the man who's running Yue now. Finally some progress, even if I have to talk up to him twenty feet above my head. What do you need that distance for, prince? The regent of Yue has a face like a statue. Everyone says it-- 'he gives nothing away', 'no-one knows what he's thinking." But I do. Bad move, my friend. Your face, if I was close, would confuse me, but from down here I can see how you hold your body. It tells me exactly what I wanted to hear: you, I know, will fight.

Only the original series should be in character. Only the original series should be in character. Only the original series should be in character.

And *do* goats in China have the same connotations as here? All I could find in that line was doves, which is an odd thing to call King Helu.
Tags: fic, woxin
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