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OPD (other people's dragons)

Goujun. Over here. Filed for future use.

Yanno, I see a certain kerfuffle happening in SPN fandom about the creation of fic archive for vetted fic, which the owners hope will bring less known writers to people's attention. There's a lot of people saying What a bad idea and This will divide the fandom and so on. One main argument against seems to be that people can already find good fics just by going through rec communities and their FLs. And I say, you're kidding, right? Go through the people you know and you're likely to be stuck with the BNFs still. The little guys off in their private ljs get lost.

Like transit lines, always. Half the trains run through Shinjuku Station in the west. Everyone knows the beauties and horrors of Shinjuku Station (the one that six million people a day pass through.) People coming in on JR or the private Odakyu line or the Marunouchi and Yurakuchou subway lines or even the city-run Touei line all meet in Shinjuku and can swap their fics there. But if you live up in Minami Senju on the Jouban line (whazzat?) in the north-east, you rarely go to Shinjuku yourself and for sure no one from Shinjuku ever comes to Minami Senju. Your Minami Senju fics drop right through the net.

If I didn't read other people's FLs (and not the friendsfriends thingy which is a) random and b) kills my low resolution with cat macros and food porn) I wouldn't have found even this one, from a writer and community I know.
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