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Woxin: random reflections 31 to mid 33

I think feliciter is trying to get this finished before she takes off on Friday, but my own watching is a lot slower, if only because I'm so unused to watching TV that a very little of it tires me immensely. Thus instead of looking at her last entry and having my worst sinking feelings confirmed, I'll put the odd stray-thought-to-date down here.

WZX is becoming an hysteric. WZX is becoming as hysterical as Shi Mai. How the mighty have fallen. Did like the line about 'Gou Jian didn't eat our king's shit, he ate our king's liver!' Not that the subtitles put it quite that way, natch.

Shi Mai needs to die in a fire, stat. Useless, I say, useless: has never done anything in his life except make trouble. (Could we have the slightest hint of an apology for failing to keep Yu Yi alive? No we could not. We can have xenophobic 'Look what you did to our king' ranting at Fan Li and by extension Wen Zhong. Grrhhh.)

Truly, why couldn't they have kept to the original Xi Shi story? I liked it; it gave both her and Fan Li scope to be things other than, as whoever said, silly Taiwanese gigglers in love. However she does have to go to Wu because historically she did (at the moment of watching she's still in unapprehended flight: spoil me and die) so I suppose she'll manage something when she actually gets there.

Say what you like, I'm relieved to have this new Gou Jian. I'm sure it won't end well; things never end well; but I trust his instincts a hell of a lot more than the old pre-defeat Gou Jian. (Observe masterly handling of Zhu Ji Ying.) That's because eps 32 and 33 did a hideous brinksmanship thing in and around the major crawling fear I've had through most of this series, which I won't even name lest someone say something to send me wibbling again, and Gou Jian just pulled us back from the edge of the brink once more when I'd thought this time for sure we'd topple over it.

Have always wondered: is Ku Cheng supposed to be a eunuch? He's the only major male character who doesn't have facial hair, he serves in the king's apartments the way eunuchs seem to do (and women), and there's something mhh soft and inner rooms about him even if he doesn't wear the court eunuch costume (which I recognize from manga: yes, everything I know about Chinese history comes from Japanese manga, as paleaswater once said, except in my case it's true.) He wasn't supposed to go to Wu and one wonders why someone so close to the king wouldn't be included. OTOH 32 is it? mentions him leading an army to help the returned Gou Jian, and what is one to make of that?

Looking back thought: yanno, Fu Chai really believed he'd broken Gou Jian. If Fu Chai could look at the distrait man serving as his human mounting block without a cold chill going down his back, without even a hint of a feeling of Dear god what have I done? then Fu Chai deserves everything that's coming to him, the smug fat-faced oaf. He's done the unforgivable: he's failed to be an enemy worthy of Gou Jian, when Gou Jian has been a more than worthy enemy to Fu Chai. If I do write that AU, you can bet Fu Chai will be the enemy Gou Jian deserved.
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