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Woxin: spoilery reflections 28-30

Ya Yu!! Ya Yu!! Still friggin' amazing.

Mind you, I know nothing of the etiquette of these things, but I did sort of wonder why she didn't just say outright to the ambassador Who do you think I am, huh? You're *sure* you want to try this on the Queen of Yue?

Equally, the subtitles have Wossname saying the ambassador is a great admirer of Yue's queen. Mh- in that case why didn't he recognize her? Or have the wits to put two and two together: Oh wow she looks like Queen Ya Yu lucky lucky me, and she's a prisoner as well, oh-- shit you don't think...? What a very stupid man for the King of Jin to send as ambassador.

But then we wouldn't have Gou Jian laying his head in silence on her hands. Or the second iteration of the Feather Recital.

Or the third either, I suppose. Both heart-breaking in their various ways. "Oh come on, Yue guys (pun pun), *think* would you? What's the king trying to tell you?" But it's not a soldier's job to think, and for all these men are called courtiers, I'm assuming they're soldiers.

Fu Chai's virtue isn't, it's all reputation. Yeah, look at him be furious and outraged at what was done to Ya Yu and then when he's dismissed one scapegoat (whom he intends to call back ASAP) and ranted at everyone else, shrugs and becomes sunny sunshine. Doesn't really see anything wrong in what was done in his name and hey he has his treaty, go him. Swine.

Backtracking into 28, Fan Li wins my heart by being ethical at precisely the wrong time and quite prepared to die. Also by gaping like a fish at Xi Shi. Dork.

Wen Zhong, ahhh. Is Wen Zhong. I bet the kings of the earth cower when they hear he's at their gates and want to tell their chamberlians to refuse him entrance, knowing they're about to be shown up once again as the shallow prevaricators and temporizers they are. (I need a Chinese word or set phrase for Wen Zhong that starts with b. Is there one?)

I could almost feel sorry for Fu Chai, having his choice of councillor lie between WZX and Bo Pi. Mind you, he probably deserves to be served by WZX and BP, but still. And couldn't Bo Pi act a little less consciously dishonest? The oil gets on everyone's hands and it smells.

WZX is demented in his distrust of Gou Jian, but Wang Sun Luo shares it. You wonder why Fu Chai doesn't say to them, "Look- the guy's *wounded*. He's in a *coma*. What's the chances he'll make it even to the border?" Nope, it's all OMG it's the end of Wu now the madman in the coma who has no heir and whose men hate him has been allowed to return to his depleted country still staggering from the effects of its famine and the slaughter of its able-bodied manpower oh woe oh woe I see Wu walking into the abyss before my eyes!

The odd thing is they're right. But only right sub speciem historiae if not aeternitatis, 'cause all things being equal, you think WZX would still have been alive twenty years later to see it happen, supposing he hadn't been executed?
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