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Might have figured it'd happen. Went to look over some older dragon fic to ascertain a settei point for the fic currently in the plotting stage, and Gouen now looks like Fan Li in my head.

Luckily something like the original wanders in at radiofreebanri. Of course it confirms that Goujun all along Hasn't Had A Clue, which lowers my opinion of Goujun's intelligence; but which does make him the exact parallel of Konzen and opens the possibilities of a Konzen-like enlightenment.

Also want to know what the Japanese mean by 当て馬, that everyone translates as stalking horse, and 責任, that must have a particularly Japanese twist to responsibility. Drat. I always thought it was a bad idea to start building that tower in Babylon....

ETA: Apropos of the latest Gaiden, rasetsunyo asks Why?? Why are they trying to kill each other??

"You see, dear, when a man and a dragon dislike each other very very much..."

Son of ETA: Have had a satori about sekinin. I've always automatically treated it as referring to a past event, so that take responsibility = accept blame, as so often happens in Japanese society. But it can be used about future events too, so that take responsibility = be responsible for, handle, see it gets done. Litouten's remark about getting Goujun to 'sekinin' must be that sense- 'we'll get the useless o-bochan to take care of it.' Can't edit my translation of course, because some happy non-reading type left a comment on it.

And there's still the problem of calling Goujun 'the rich spoiled young heir to a wealthy family' and how to render that.
Tags: dragons, saiyuki_gaiden, woxin

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