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Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow

So, having thoroughly plot bunnied myself over at feliciter's journal, I went to bed last night and ran the opening through my head to see if it looked even remotely plausible:

Fu Chai: (from the heights of the dais) Come back to Wu with me and be my attendant.
Gou Jian: (sitting up slowly from where he's been sprawled against the balustrade at dais' foot) Your... attendant?
Fu Chai: (bland smile) I've taken a vow not to sleep with any of my concubines until you're dead. But here you are, alive. That makes for dull evenings. You can at least keep me entertained through them.
Gou Jian: Entertained.
Fu Chai: You play chess.
Gou Jian: (nods)
Fu Chai: (happily) There then! We can play chess together!

At which I thought, 'But this is RPF and I don't do that.'

One reason the entries at metafandom give me the willies is that they're all about ficcing and slashing characters played by real human beings. I'm acquainted with the reasoning: the fics aren't about the actors, they're about the characters the actors play. But some time between me the OST fan at 17 and me the Japanese manga-anime fan at older than I want to be, I seem to have developed a squick about ficcing live bodies. This may be because yaoi is all about teh pretteh, and white male American bodies do not and cannot meet the exacting standards of Japanese doujinka, to say nothing of the original mangaka. But it's also about the fact that that body belongs to a real person and it feels wrong to be playing Barbie dolls with it.

I make an exception for aliens, sort-of. The actor is being something not-human, with the aid of a lot of make-up. It doesn't matter that there's a real human being inside R2D2's shell and under 3CPO's metallic layers. The intention is not-us.

Maybe I should make an exception for historicity. The actor is being someone dead that I'd have no problem writing about from a history book. Well yes I would. Fu Chai's mannerisms, Gou Jian's, are the mannerisms Hu Jun and Chen Daoming give them; at the end of the day it's Hu Jun and Chen Daoming I'd be writing.

Not that there's any reason why I shouldn't, even then. The Chinese fen do, with (AFAICS from the meagre anecdotal evidence at my disposal) Uncle Ming and his best buddy's tacit blessing. It's another culture; they do things differently there. Certainly Uncle Ming and his best buddy *and* his favoured disciple are all pretteh enough to hold their own against any two-dimensional man, which makes it easier to regard their characters as indeed belonging to the same class as the two-dimensional men. (And women- my settei involves a lot of Ya Yu input, because though Gou Jian may be infecting the king of Wu, wittingly or unwittingly, he needs to touch base with his own reality to do it and not get lost.)

Sari nagara.... And yet, and yet...

Mh. Must think about this more.

Meanwhile, who can explain to me why we're playing 'chess' (must turn Chinese subtitles on for that scene when I rewatch) on a fershlugginer *platform* a metre and a half square with iron dolls and iron rakes? Is this Persian influence? Didn't Spring and Autumn guys play go?

(As for sari nagara- Issa's haiku on the death of his kid; to have it handy some place:

露の世は Tsuyu-no-yo wa
露の世ながら tsuyu-no-yo nagara
さりながら sari nagara

'The world of dew'- a world of dew it is... And yet- and yet-')
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