mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Plain pleasures

I'm not Singaporean; I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Uncle Lee and the effect of his policies (any more, I'm sure, than my LRD friends have an opinion about Pierre Elliot Trudeau.) But it occurs to me that I owe the man for one very distinct pleasure. For the first time in my fifteen years of fandom I'm able to fangirl a series with a group of friends, rather than one or at best two, who are intelligent and insightful (ie not unthinking pretty bishie fen) and who understand the source better than I do.

The last is rare, so rare. Because as it's gone, if they understand the source better than I do, they either can't talk to me or don't want to; and if we can talk, we're at cultural cross-purposes because I analyze and they squee; and if we're from the same culture, *I* suddenly become the authority because I read the original and they read the translation, and I know more of the country and culture than they do, but it's still a case of the one-eyed leading the blind. And if we have the same qualifications, language and experience-wise, it's only the two of us dialoguing and where is everyone else? mournful sigh

My present fannish contentment is thus brought about by the fact that Singapore conducts its education system in English. Thank you, Uncle Lee.

(Yes, it owes some to me finally getting into a Chinese-based fandom. I can only mourn that in my day no one thought Chinese a proper subject to teach grade schoolers, however differently they may think now.)
Tags: fandom, woxin
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