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Woxin 6&7

I quite see why no one trusts Gou Jian as far as they can throw a fit. He's the sort of volatile character that turns into Ivan the Terrible. Now a bully like Wu #2 is doubtless far nastier in practice, but that's because he's nasty all the time. You don't have to worry about him going over the edge into excess, just about avoiding his everyday temper. The difference between him and Gou Jian is the same as between a pit bull in a garden and a highstrung cat. The pit bull's safe enough if you stay out of his garden, but you never know when the cat will claw you to the bone.

Not helped though by me never knowing when Gou Jian is serious and when he's acting for others' benefit.

On a general Sheesh guys note: if the first thing *I* think of when Heyi is suborned is 'I hope to Christ you sent your family elsewhere,' will someone tell me why Fu Tong didn't think of it, let alone Heyi?

I suppose I shouldn't ask what's the deal with Wu's royal apparel and why one mustn't accept it? (Great cruxes of Woxin, along with the first appearances of the dancing girls. If Ya Yu knows we're not supposed to have frivolous entertainments at times of national crisis, why does she order frivolous entertainment for her husband? Seems so unlike her.)

I also have a distressing tendency not to recognize Fu Chai whenever he shows up. He's got a terribly generic face.

Oh, and as for Fan Li- all Chinese strategians are the same Chinese strategian, I hope you know that? When the Japanese make the Woxin anime Fan Li will have silver hair and violet eyes and bedazzle a suddenly very manly Gou Jian. Or maybe *Fan Li* will head off to Wu to dazzle Fu Chai, and gain the release of his king.

I continue to whizz through Kohri no Mamono, blinking at my own speed. For something that light and fluffy and been-there-done-that it has surprising resonance, and some day I may figure out why. Ishuca is a lot less irritating than most transparently innocent uke types, and for my money even better than his counterpart (name long since forgotten) in Yakumo Tatsu, who was not bad himself. Possibly it's the absence to date of any kind of kewl animus figure; even Blood is pretty down to earth. For a demon, I mean. No, please don't tell me about Wild/ Weird; if *he's* the one I don't want to know.
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