mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh come quicky, sweetest lord, and take my soul to rest

Never weather-beaten sail more willing bent to shore,
Never tirèd pilgrim's limbs affected slumber more,
Than my wearied sprite now longs to fly out of my troubled breast:
O come quickly, sweetest Lord, and take my soul to rest!

Ever blooming are the joys of heaven's high Paradise,
Cold age deafs not there our ears nor vapour dims our eyes:
Glory there the sun outshines, whose beams the Blessèd only see:
O come quickly, glorious Lord, and raise my sprite to Thee!

(mp3 of Never weather beaten sail can be found here; takes a while for the choral part to start but is worth the wait, even if the sound quality could be better)

Thick brown paper parcel in the mailbox when I finally get home, eleven hours after leaving. My winter WARD, finally. Am too exhausted to care (9-6 day with half hour break. At least I got a break. Two other people didn't. Yes of course this is illegal but we're casual workers, not protected by the union.)

Eat my green dragon roll, go to turn off lights and have bath and early bed before doing it all over again tomorrow. Decide to have a look at the marshmallow king of the youkai to renew my spirits. Package is not from Kinokuniya after all. (I did think it a little short for a phonebook. Not much, just a bit.) It's from an anonymous somewhere in Mississauga, the vast wasteland to the west of Toronto. Intrigued, I cut it open. (I'll learn eventually; people really do send letter bombs to strangers.)

My Woxin DVDs have arrived. Oh come swiftly glorious weekend and take my soul to rest.
Tags: rl_08, verse, woxin
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