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December stats

English reading-

The Taishan Hospital Murders
-man still needs a beta. You may not know this, guy, being Jewish and all, but there *are* no Gnostics left in the west. Iraq, /maybe/.

My Father Had a Daughter
- Shakespeare novel about Judith Shakespeare. Err- no worse than The Player's Boy, and no better.

Guards, Guards!
-Nothing wrong with it. Perfectly respectable light reading. Maybe it's the fanclub puts me off.

170 Chinese Poems
- When I find myself in times of trouble....

Japanese reading-

Godchild 3-6
-and tomorrow may be devoted to 7&8

Tantei Aoneko 3&4 (reread, though I must have been drunk when I read it first time because there are whole stories that make no sense now)
-and tomorrow may be devoted to 5 but maybe not. Godchild is easier. Aoneko in some perverse way is more satisfying. Except that the minute he gets near Uguisu the action and the conversation become of a Stygian darkness. This is annoying because I saw one night how you could do Aoneko/ Phantom Moon crossover but to do it I must must *must* know what Aoneko is saying to Uguisu and just what the hell is up between them. It's not like the relationships in PMT are any clearer, and I must have clarity in at least one of my sources.

Unless I'm supposed to map Quickmaiden onto Uguisu exactly as Glassbat is mapped onto Aoneko; and myself I would prefer not.


Finished the Rainy Willow, not as good as the first one IMHO; wrote a 100 Demons drabble and the Xmas fic; did a background exercise to the sequel to Kaiei at the Southern Ocean, to tell me how my ambassador feels, which alas still doesn't tell me what kind of poems she'll recite. This novel writing thingy is an exercise in infinitely delayed gratification AFAICS. (ETA: though I suppose, for those who take note of such things and think they matter, 2007 is marked from all other years by my writing *two* stories with no male characters in them at all. However the women in them talk exclusively about their interactions with the male characters, so I say it doesn't count, and my claim to not be misogynistic thus rests solely on a hand-written Haruka/ Michiru story in 1995.)

As for 2007 as a whole- it didn't hurt much but it had no high points that I can recall. Years where I don't travel always register as dull; and these days, frequently, years when I do travel register as dull as well. I did nothing new- no milestones, no ground broken. I wrote more than I have since 2003, which is good; but I didn't care for any of it, which is bad. I read more in both languages than usual, which is good, but nothing much stayed with me afterwards except maybe a fever-dream Daisan no Teikoku.

I'd be inclined to call the year a failure except for three things. sho_sunaga reappeared in my life. I lost 5 kilos, something I'd been trying to do for over three years but never achieved short of dysentery or starvation; and my knees hurt less even without the cortisone shots that've kept me mobile for the last year. (To compensate, my feet in their oh-so-expensive orthotics are *killing* me.) Finally, the casual futzing around with Chinese I've been doing for the last two years or so suddenly took a big step towards literacy, probably because rasetsunyo keeps posting things I want to understand. So there's hope for next year.

Which I hope will be a good one for all of you.
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