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No sooner does all the snow melt away than more snow falls. Yes dear, it's called 'winter.' But even Mrs. Professor of Islamic Culture up the street, who must be an easy 20 years younger than me, says she aches from shoveling; and so do I.

As of last viewing which isn't latest viewing due to interplanetary delivery by the PO, Gankutsu-ou looks to be heading straight for a set-up and betrayal as nasty as Rika's set-up and betrayal of Angie, with rather more homoerotic overtones than that one. No really, no-one gets seduced in pre-vol.3 Rika, while Gankutsu-ou is all about the seduction. You can tell when Animage shows a series' characters in compromising positions that there's something there because Animage never does smoke without fire. In this case they're just stating the obvious.

And when my eyes calm down I shall read the interview in the January issue, printed in tiny white on black. "In episode 12 where Albert clings weeping to the Count..." it begins. Yes indeed. When young men cling weeping to older men we have the makings of some lovely incestuous overtones, and questions about just what the Count's attraction is for Albert, and most importantly how much the Count is acting and how much his feelings might be real because at this point they're looking very real with (so far as I can see, who haven't seen the first four eps) little suggestion that they aren't. (I bet it's in those French intros I can neither understand nor read, right?)

Still I have hope of this one- because ordinary betrayal of innocence is so boring as a theme, especially betrayal of likable innocence; and because this thing about a betrayal in one generation being paid for by the next cropped up often enough in jidai-geki while I was watching those, and even in its way in Saiyuuki, and the Japanese do it differently from us. So here's hoping they do it differently from us this time too.

Mind you, if the Count turns out to be someone like Deth from the RiddleMaster trilogy, I shall be pleased as well. But I'm not holding my breath on that one. The Count too may have altruistic motives for what he's doing but ultimately one must assume it's personal. It's the Count of Monte Cristo, after all.
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