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Meum est propositum in taberna mori

Have been landed with a scheduling snafu next week that sees me alone with six babies for two hours on three consecutive days, which is worse than undoable: it's illegal. In consequence I've decided to stay drunk all weekend on my Christmas wine. Things will sort themselves out somehow. They always do.

In which spirit (pun intended) happy birthday joasakura, may it be better than last.

And if I stay drunk, maybe I'll be able to make some sense of Tantei Aoneko and his pash fuckbuddy pal the pander Uguisu.

I want to read Aoneko 5, which means I must read from Aoneko 3 onwards. Many many times because I'm damned if I can make any sense of the vol 3 backstory conversation between Uguisu and Baron Quick-maiden (Saotome.) We are in yaoi land, which never moves, which never changes, which never grows older, but which remains forever, icy and silent err sorry, where sex stands in for any number of things and must not be taken as actually *happening*. Otherwise one would wonder at the Taishou aristocracy, insisting that its heirs be raped by ithyphallic bear-like humans ('with a thing *this* big') for their own visual gratification and to establish, somehow, the heir's right to succeed to his usurped title; or at the Liaisons Dangereuses machinations of our bored Baron, who makes Valmont's efforts look ham-handedly adolescent, introducing the young pander into his house party *in order* that he might meet the mysteriously returned younger son of the Aoneko family *in order* that he might become attached to the boy *in order* to make him offer to play the bear role for the Taishou aristo who has yet to appear on the scene blah blah blah...

The only thing that becomes clear to me is this. Young Aoneko is kidnapped years before under mysterious circumstances, which fact ironically allows him to escape the massacre of his parents and older brother at the hands of a burglarious gang. He returns equally as mysteriously. The common chat of the tea houses is that he's now second-hand goods, since his 'first man' has apparently let him go. The head of the family is all agog to see how the boy (and he *is* a boy still) performs sexually after his many years of catamitedom, and so arranges the display with the 'bear.' Do we see anything illogical in this? Yes, Calthrop? Precisely. Why the assumption that the vanished sprig of aristocracy was anyone's catamite in the first place?

Now suppose young Aoneko had been a girl.

Precisely. The state of her chastity would be a major consideration, and the society might well assume that she was ruined and the nastier members of same might well evince a lubricious interest in watching her further sexual performances, since now of course she has nothing further- dignity, position, even choice- to lose. No longer a virgin = now a whore.

Sasuga yaoi. Equality for all. Sasuga Motoni: equality looks disgusting.
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