mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Where the wicked cease from troubling

Having a not so wonderful week in small but sharp-edged ways. At least today passed without major disasters, screw-ups, or heart-scald, and tomorrow is Friday. I only have to work four hours with the screamers, even if I have to work to 6; there's a parcel for me at the PO; and then I have five days to do what I've wanted to do all this week, which is contemplate the ways of dragons.

But one good thing: Kinokuniya finally answered my email- after I'd emailed them again- apologizing for the mix-up with the WARD order and saying they'd order me the right one. 'And since it was our mistake you needn't send the spring edition back.' (Whether they bill me again is another question which I didn't feel like tormenting the poor clerk with; he has to write to me in English, which is clearly punishment enough for him.)

The spring WARD has no Gaiden ep but it does have that alternative cover Minekura drew for Gaiden 3. Anyone here want it? First dibs gets it.
Tags: rl_07, saiyuki_gaiden

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