mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'But will no one think of the nonwesterners??'

Might as well rant on my own turf rather than at ffrants.

'On characters being gay or straight' may be fine if you're talking about characters in western shows who themselves are likely to think in the categories of gay, straight or bi. Otherwise, I have my doubts.

Gay, straight and bi aren't universal human traits. They're social constructs, invented by western and specifically NAmerican society- hence the rigidity of the classifications and the assumption that they *are* universal human traits, she says snottily. Arguing which category Japanese characters fall into is about as reasonable as arguing whether they come from the east coast or the west, with a subset of people saying Hey what about us heartlanders, yeah right, no one believes anyone lives in the flyover states.

Our categories and definitions illuminate nothing about characters from other cultures. It only makes it easier to regard them as Just Like Us. And they aren't. That's why I love them.

As for arguing in all seriousness whether Hakkai or Gojou are gay or straight-- oh well, I'm sure it passes the time pleasantly for some people, and the others are simply mad. But I *will* echo ViceFearless Leader's dictum for those who get in too deep: Taxonomy is not discussion.

Nonetheless cultures will do as cultures do do, and westerners will still try to pigeonhole people into gay straight or bi, and the Japanese will still assign blood types to House and Wilson, and the universe will continue to unfold as it should.

And I, I shall continue to speculate on who loves Fan Li more, Wen Zhong or Gou Jian. As if I didn't know. (Roll on the new year, roll on my birthday, roll on slow delivery from Wherever and my month's convalescence.)
Tags: fandom, woxin

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