mjj (flemmings) wrote,

King John said sadly, As I feared...

Godchild 7, the last Godchild volume I have, is not the last Godchild volume there is.

Not being born yesterday where Yuki Kaori is concerned, I verified that little fact before starting 7. Am torn as to whether in fact I *should* start 7, given that I don't expect 8 to show up before mid-January. Yes of course I at once went online and ordered it. Dorudaka won't last forever and I must take full advantage of it. (Dorudaka ["It's my own invention," said the White King proudly] = the equal and opposite situation from endaka 円高, whose scars I still bear upon my soul.) Don't even know if jpqueen has it. Even so.

Even so, The Great Plot Twist of which I was previously if murkily apprised has now happened, and my previously feverish reading can possibly afford to slow down a touch. Nice if harrowing while it lasted; almost like those early days of Kafka and Red Ram, desperately flipping pages to find out What Happens. Not being born yesterday where Yuki Kaori is concerned, I fancy I'll be left hanging at the end of 7; in fact, I expect I'll be totally let down at the end of 8; and wisdom suggests I get these two experiences over with at the same time, not a month apart. It's not like I don't have other manga, to say nothing of books, to read, and a blizzard happening tonight and tomorrow to read them in.
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