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Happy birthday deepfryerfire!

OK- yesterday. Amongst the bumpf mail was a PO card, Final Notice (and first) for a package that required $8.50 of customs. Peculiar, because mvrdrk's package had arrived in the morning, quite properly left between the doors by package delivery (and thanks, L!) So I rode on down to my local PO, three blocks away- to discover on closer inspection that the package was at the Wychwood outlet, waaay up the hill and a subway stop over.

So I call them to ask who's this package from cause I'm not expecting anything (much too early for tanbi's two novels and anyway, $8.50 for used books?) and get told they can't tell me. I can call this (chronically busy) number to have it sent to my ordinary PO. So I suck it up and bicycle up the hill in the rain to the Wychwood one and stand in line while they fill everyone else's orders with all deliberate speed, and finally get to look at the mystery package.

Which is from Japan and contains 2300 yen's worth of 'plastic toys.' Ahh, I think, pleased, shiny_monkey has been in Shibuya again and picked me up some uhh toys. 2300 yen is about right for a double color rotor. Big box, but that's to fool the PO, and did, even if it lost the Customs lottery. Customs decimates packages- I mean it selects randomly and looks to see how much flesh it can gouge for it. So I fork over my 8.50 (3.50 GST and PST, 5.00 handling charges and still a bargain) and walk out into the rain. Bicycling down the greasy hill the stray thought occurs to me, 'She wouldn't have sent me gashopon, would she?' No of course not. There's no gashoponable series I'm currently crazy about, which she knows; and if there are Gankutsu-oh gashopon, those I definitely need to see.

Ahem. Not gashopon. Ningyo. From Otogizoushi. Ten boxes of same. There are five models available and one 'secret', which I didn't get though I can guess pretty easily what it is. I got five painted and five plain, and the painted ones have the weird bright colours of Buddhist statues in the more esoteric Tibetan sects. They're utterly surreal and I love them as much as I'm appalled by them. What *is* it with the Japanese and small dust-collecting knick-knacks anyway? They go to join the guardian demon they were selling at the convenience stores a few years back. And thank you shiny_monkey!
(ETA: I've changed the link to the Hobbylink Japan entry with better pictures.)
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