mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'Howl, howl, howl, howl, howl'- most useful Shakespearian quote ever, y/y?

The answer to my woes is obviously Iwase Books, who were good with my ZeroSums and Gangans back in the day. Just one little wrinkle: to order anything you must print the order form from a #!@&%$%! PDF and 'mail or FAX' it to them.

The Japanese and the FAX machine, dear god what is it with the tenacious Japanese love of the FAX machine? I don't have a FAX, I have never had a FAX, and the people I know who *do* have FAXES left over from the 90's like my doctor, don't use them because they waste a fortune printing spam messages. Hell, I don't even have a working printer these days. I never use it: anything can be scanned and emailed.

But Iwase? You have a webpage, yes? You even have an email address of sorts though you don't give it out. Why don't you have e-mail orders? Why in fact, when you want to tell me my subscription is running out, do you call me long distance from BC to tell me in person?

21st century, guys, 21st century. You cannot halt the march of progress.
Tags: fandom, wank
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