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A bulky parcel from Kinokuniya is waiting inside the door when I come home. Yeah, four weeks to get my WARD, as promised. But I open it up in order to see the Marshmallow King of the Peeps in the living flesh.

They sent me the summer WARD.

I go to the email confirmation I got from them back in November, which has the words WARD Winter edition in the subject line and in my original email, and send it back to them, telling them they sent me the summer WARD vol 17 when I wanted the Winter WARD vol 18, can they please send me the Winter WARD vol 18, and can I send them back the Summer WARD they sent me in exchange for the Winter WARD vol 18 that came out on November 15.

Trouble is, I don't know if they can at this date.

And I am so not looking forward to going through this every two months come the new year.
Tags: saiyuki_gaiden

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